Current Articles

Examining the Consequences of Effort-Reward Imbalance: An Empirical Study
La'aleh Al-Aali ,Umair Ahmed

Investigating the impact of CIPD Level three for the skills shortage on the private sector in the kingdom of Bahrain
Mohamed Alkashami

Diversity Performance of Employees in Hospitality and Tourism Sector: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia
Dr Mohammed A. Al Doghan

Assessment of Tourism Resources for Future Tourism Development: Case of Wadi El Natrun
Tamer Hamdy Ayad

Exploring the Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Loyalty with a Moderating Role of Customer trust: An Applied Study on the Saudi Commercial Banks in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Khaled Mohammed Ahmed Alqasa ,Dr. Jehad Abdallah Atieh Afaneh

Green HRM Practices and Employee Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry of Saudi Arabia
Dr. Muhammad Awais Bhatti ,Dr. Mansour Alyahya ,Dr. Ariff Syah Juhari ,Dr. Ahmed Abdulaziz Alshiha

How Community Enterprises of Thailand Managed to Become Thailand 4.0
Jakret Mettathamrong ,Chanthima Promket ,Kanokkan Vichasilp

The role of Individualism–Collectivism in Enhancing Knowledge Sharing and Innovative Work Behavior: Evidence from Higher Education in Vietnam
Nguyen Ke Nghia ,Do Thi Dong

Improving Student Academic Performance in Universities of Indonesia: Impact of Student Citizenship Behavior and Social Media Collaborative Learning
Edison Siregar

The Impact of Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) on Employees Performance in the Saudi Education sector
Khaled Mohammed AhmedAlqasa ,Noor Yousef Alsulami

Factors Affecting Worker's Contribution to The Social Enterprise in Thailand
Pawaris Makerd ,Chalermporn Siriwichai

Investigating Factors Affecting Fatal Air Transport Accidents
Prakayphet Chalayonnawin ,Kamonchanok Suthiwartnarueput ,Pongsa Pornchaiwiseskul ,Chula Sukmanop

Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation and ethnic minorities' Entrepreneurial Intention: A case of Northern Mountainous Provinces of Vietnam
Phan Thanh Hung ,Nguyen Quang Khai

The Impact of Governance Characteristics on the Corporate Performance: Evidence From Vietnamese Non-financial Listed Companies
Nguyen Phan Thu Hang

Industry 4.0 Maturity Assessment in a Medical Devices Manufacturing Industry
Christian Stark ,Jeng Feng Chin

How can companies pursue better strategies through innovation? A Review of various perspectives on innovation, competitiveness, and technology
Ayman Balawi ,Asad Ayoub